What We're Grateful For


Whether the AVMA Trust team is handling claims, answering phones, promoting practice safety or delivering educational content, we’re always on the go! With all of the craziness that this year has brought, we thought it was important to slow down this holiday season and reflect on what we’re thankful for. 

  "I'm thankful that the AVMA PLIT team successfully transitioned everyone to work from home. I'm also very grateful for my clients' understanding while our IT folks upgraded our systems to accommodate the change!" Cindy White, Client Executive, AVMA Trust

"I am thankful that everyone at the AVMA Trust has been able to continue to serve our insureds with exceptional service throughout the pandemic in 2020." Nina Mouledous, Trust Veterinarian, AVMA Trust

"As the newest member of the AVMA Trust team, I am thankful to be joining a team that is so dedicated to serving the needs of the AVMA members. I am thrilled to see that their passion and dedication drives everything we do. On a personal level, I am thankful for the unexpected upside to the Covid shutdown: extra time to pursue activities and interests that bring me joy – like learning to cook new recipes, volunteering virtually for my favorite animal welfare organizations, and, of course, hanging out with my rescue kitties. Meet Henry, everyone!" Stephanie M. Blaser, AVMA Trust Marketing and Communications Manager

"I am thankful for the 30+ years of serving the veterinary community and the friends I have met along the way. I am also thankful for my  happy and healthy family and my sweet  1-1/2 year old Frenchie, Zoey." Lori Shaffer, Assistant Vice President, AVMA Trust 


"I am thankful that I have my furry companions by my side especially during this challenging year." Nakia Buress, Trust Program and Operations Manager, AVMA Trust 


"I am thankful for 'friendly co-workers'.” Kristin Shelhammer, Team Lead, AVMA Trust 


"I am most thankful for family/friends, faith, freedom and furry companions!" Dr. Cynthia MacKenzie, Trust Veterinarian, AVMA Trust 

"I am thankful for time to spend with my family and enjoy the great outdoors while riding." Trevor De Vries, Client Executive, AVMA Trust

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