9 Questions to Aid in Flood Planning

The first step to being prepared for a flood is to understand your risks; the second is to use that information to create a flood plan. The nine questions below will help you begin to identify those risks, and your answers to them will serve as the building blocks of your flood plan.

  1. What are the obvious flooding risks from external sources (nearby dams, bodies of water, practice location sitting downhill)?
  2. What are the possible impacts of these risks on the practice?
  3. Where would floodwaters naturally flow in this area?
  4. What contaminants could be in the floodwaters based on the types of businesses in the area?
  5. Does the practice have all the tools and resources to protect the infrastructure and its contents from flooding?
  6. Can power be switched off quickly if a flood should occur to minimize damage?
  7. Has a flood response team been created within the business?
  8. Has a flood action sheet been created and disseminated within the hospital?
  9. Have the staff been adequately trained?