Insurance Coverages for Civil Unrest

In the wake of the 2021 social protests escalating into riots, it’s important to consider how civil unrest and human-induced destruction might impact your business. Depending on the damage, three insurance policies may apply in the event of civil unrest:

  • Property coverage reimburses an owner for damages to the property, including the costs required clean up the property and fully restore it.
  • Crime coverage reimburses a business for financial losses due to burglary and other crimes.
  • Business Interruption (BI) coverage helps a business bridge its costs until it can reopen. This includes replacing potential income the store would have earned for the duration of time until reopening as well as costs incumbent on paying employees.

When filing a claim on any of these three policies, remember the following:

  • Time is of the essence. Don’t wait to file the claim.
  • Document it. Collect video footage, photos and any other documentation of the damage. Send it to your broker, claims consultant and adjuster.
  • Clean up and board up. Clean up to the best of your ability and board up your storefront to protect what’s left.
  • Maintain records. Create a detailed inventory of what was taken and the value those items hold. Note any clean up and board up charges. Take account of what is left as well.
  • Stay in constant contact. Even after the claim has been filed, maintain constant contact with your broker, claims consultant, and adjuster. Staying in touch will further facilitate the claims process – and may even result in a faster resolution.