Business Continuity Planning: Reestablishing Business Operations after an Earthquake

As many as 52% of businesses say it would take them at least three months to recover from a disaster like an earthquake.1 That’s why having a business continuity plan is essential.

A business continuity plan looks at the potential effect of an earthquake or other disaster on your practice and seeks to ensure the business’s survival and long-term sustainability. It answers questions such as: Who do I need to contact – and when? Who is responsible for each part of the plan? How do I safeguard my important documents, such as employment records and insurance policies? What do I do if structural damage prevents me from working in my facility? How will my practice retain its clients and its reputation?

A business continuity plan for earthquake preparation should include:

  • Plans for an alternative facility
  • Staff accommodations, including flexible schedules, etc.
  • Additional staffing considerations
  • Communication with the public and clients
  • Supply chain considerations

Not sure where to start? For help creating a business continuity plan for your practice, check out FEMA’s Small Business Continuity Plan Template.

 Nationwide poll, 2015.