The AVMA Trust Gives Thanks


Whether the AVMA Trust team is handling claims, answering phones, promoting practice safety, or creating educational content, we’re always on the go! The holidays are a great time to slow down and your count blessings, and we invite you to reflect with us.

AVMA Trust Team

"I am thankful for all the wonderful opportunities that this year has brought my family." - Rebecca Isola-Waltos, Manager, Board Operations

"I am thankful for my three little boys who make me laugh every day, and supportive family and friends! This is my old girl, Turtle, who has been an amazing companion the last 12 years." -Kara Escutia, DVM, AVMA Trust Veterinarian

"I am grateful for new coworkers! Thank you to the AVMA Trust team for your warm welcome and smooth transition in my new role. I'm also thankful to have more time with this coworker too, even if he sleeps on the job." -Cassie Wagner, DVM, Student Services Representative

"I am thankful for the Trust Board members, the Trust team, the various partners and the many AVMA members that we are allowed to serve. Have an amazing holiday season and a very Happy New Year." -Tracey Gray-Walker, AVMA Trust CEO 

Pearl Insurance (Broker for AVMA LIFE products)

"I’m thankful for my incredible coworkers who push me to be my best every day. I truly work with the best people and couldn’t be more thankful. Personally, I’m thankful for my husband and our three fur-babies: Atticus, Auri, and Hobbes.” -Hope Hughes, Pearl Insurance Copywriter

"I am thankful for a career that aligns with my passions and talents and for a happy, healthy family which brings me the most joy. Blessings continue to come my way every day." -Scott Simons, Business Development Manager

"I’m extremely thankful for my wonderful and supportive family and friends, the great group of people I work with, and of course the furry friends that always make life more enjoyable and interesting!" -Laura Doyle, Data Marketing Analyst

HUB International (Broker for AVMA PLIT Offerings)

"Grateful for our sweet pup, Lilybell, who makes us smile every day!" Liz Bell, Vice President, National Practices

"I am grateful to work from home so I can take cat naps with Oliver on my breaks to rejuvenate!" -Janet Heersema, Program Representative

"I am especially grateful for my husband and kids, being able to see my kids succeed, having good health, a home and a long-term job (27 years with the AVMA PLIT program) and of course my fur babies." -Janet McEvilly, Vice President, Operations Director

"This is our fur baby, Kitty.  Kitty loves to binge watch shows, hang out by the picture window in awe of all the happenings outdoors, and loves to give butterfly kisses.  She adds lots of love and joy to our family unit and we are forever grateful." - Linda Corrales, Account Manager