How to Choose a Payroll Provider for Your Practice

Choosing the right payroll provider can make a big difference for a veterinary practice. The best options can save time, increase efficiency, and even improve employee satisfaction. Cost and ease of use can also be important factors to consider. But where should you start? And what features should you consider? Let’s walk through finding the right payroll provider for your practice, starting with features, and ending with what to look for in a provider.

Must-Have Payroll Features

Many payroll options are available for practice owners. However, knowing what to look for can be challenging, and it can be tempting to choose based on price alone. Instead, look for the following full-service payroll software features to ensure your solution works for your practice and now and in the future:

  • Integrated time tracking eliminates the need for manual entry
  • Direct deposit offers convenience for employees and HR
  • Compensation management keeps your practice agile while preserving your bottom line
  • Customizable payroll reports supply real-time insights into critical metrics
  • Automated tax filing, built-in tax tables, and W-2 generation streamline compliance
  • Self-service features empower employees to access and update data
  • Expense management makes tracking receipts and reimbursements easier for you and your employees

It’s important to find all-inclusive payroll software for your practice. Otherwise, you can incur added costs when your HR and payroll solution is spread across multiple systems. Keep it simple and in one system.

What to Look for in a Payroll Partner

  • Your needs are unique to you, and you need a provider that seamlessly fits your practice’s operations and is primed to grow with you, offering a full range of capabilities that can evolve with your practice. Keep the following in mind as you vet potential payroll companies:
  • Find a payroll provider known for customer service. When you have questions, you should know who to call and trust you’ll get an answer.
  • Look for a payroll vendor that will provide a dedicated support team, so you know you’re getting the answers you need quickly.
  • Look for a vendor that offers concierge service and customizable support during the onboarding period. Onboarding needs to happen in the background while your business continues to function. A payroll company with your best interests in mind understands you need a solution that plugs into your practice with minimal effort.

Why It Matters

Choosing the right provider should make it easier to run payroll and file taxes for your practice with an intuitive, modern platform and expert support. It should save time (and reduce your risk) knowing your payroll is processed accurately and efficiently each time, allowing you to get time back in your day to focus on caring for patients.

Paylocity – An AVMA Trust Partner

The AVMA Trust has partnered with Paylocity, one of the largest and most trusted payroll providers in the nation, to offer discounted services to AVMA members. The Paylocity platform integrates easily with coverage and programs offered through the Trust, including Workers’ Compensation, Practice Healthcare Solutions, and the Association Retirement Plan.

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